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Instructore: Kirk Shinmoto

Cost: $680

Course Length: 10 weeks

-Sundays 4pm-7pm PST. August 25th - November 3rd (No Class September 8th)


**For cancellations, the deadline for a full refund is one day before class starts. After that only a partial, %50 refund will be given once the class has already started. This refund will only be granted up until week 5 of the class.**

About the Class: This class is an introduction to perspective in which we will gain an understanding of one, two, and three-point perspective systems and how to use them to create environments. Understating of these systems will be developed through weekly drawing assignments where practical usage will be explained and demonstrated. An emphasis will be placed on understanding how to relate both people and objects in an environment. Along with technical issues, we will also touch on composition and design concepts when drawing in perspective.

Course Level: Recommended for beginning to intermediate Students. No prior perspective drawing required.

Class Format: This course will be taught live via Skype and will run for 10 weeks, 3 hours each session.  We will start each session with a homework critique before moving on to the lecture and demos for the weeks topic. All lectures and critiques will be recorded and made available for students to download and review. Class will be limited to 10 students.

Homework:  There will be homework assigned every week based on the lecture material. 

Materials: This class will be taught digitally using Photoshop.  Drawing tablet or Cintiq required.

Weekly Breakdown

Week 1- 1-point perspective basics. Assignment: Measuring, gridding out room.

  • We will cover the basics of perspective including understanding the picture plane, 1-point perspective, and measuring in perspective.

Week 2 - 1 Point perspective Cont. Assignment: 1-point corridor

  • This week will continue with 1-point perspective and we will address some additional  constructions and strategies for designing and drawing a 1-point corridor.

Week 3 - 2 Point perspective basics. Assignment: Shoebox environment

  • The basics of 2-point perspective.  Applying the tools learned in 1-point to a 2-point perspective space.

Week 4 - 2 point perspective Cont. Assignment: Throne room

  • Continuing with 2-point perspective we will also talk about shot choice and designing a scene in 2-point perspective.

Week 5- 2 point Perspective Shadows.  Assignment: Shadows and ruins.

  • Understanding shadows in perspective.

Week 6 - 2 point perspective. Assignment: City street

  • Strategies for designing and drawing a city street using the tools we’ve discussed so far.

Week 7 - Organic Perspective. Assignment: Temple in the jungle

  • Maintaining perspective in an organic environment

Week 8 - 3 point perspective. Assignment: Worms-eye Building

  • Basics of 3-point perspective

Week 9 -3 point perspective Cont. Assignment: Drawing 3-point City part 1

  • Continuing 3-point perspective

Week 10 - 3-point perspective Cont. Assignment: Drawing 3-point CIty part 2

  • Final assignment review and critique