Costume Drawing Fundamentals

Costume Drawing Fundamentals

Instructor: Kirk Shinmoto

COST: $680

Course length: 10 Weeks

-Wednesdays 7:30pm - 10:30pm PST. August 28th - October 30th


**For cancellations, the deadline for a full refund is one day before class starts. After that only a partial, %50 refund will be given once the class has already started. This refund will only be granted up until week 5 of the class.**

Course Description: This class will introduce students to the basics of drawing costume and drapery.  Heavy emphasis will be placed on understanding not just the structure, but also the mechanics of folds.  We will start studying the basic gesture and forms of the nude figure as a basis for building the clothing around it.  This class will give students a better sense of how to design and simplify drapery when drawing from life, reference, or imagination.  

Course Level: Recommended for beginning-intermediate Students.  Figure/life drawing experience is recommended but not required

Class Format: This course will be taught live via skype and will run for 10 weeks, 3 hours each session.  We will start each session with a homework critique before moving on to the lecture and demos for the weeks topic. All lectures and critiques will be recorded and made available for students to download and review. Class will be limited to 10 students.

Homework:  There will be homework assigned every week based on the lecture material. 

Materials: This class will be taught through a mixture of digital and traditional lectures and demos and we will discuss techniques for both mediums. Students are welcome to use whichever medium they prefer.

Costume Drawing Fundamentals

Week 1 - Gesture and Basic forms

  • Basics of gesture and form working with the nude figure.

Week 2 - Basic Construction /landmarks

  • Basic figure construction using landmarks. Nude figure.

Week 3 - Clothing Construction

  • Developing a basic breakdown for garments using seams.

Week 4 - Gesture of fabric

  • General movement of fabric and understanding points of tension.

Week 5 - 7 basic folds

  • Identifying and constructing basic folds.

Week 6 - 7 basic folds continued

  • Continuing construction of basic folds.

Week 7 - Complicated garments

  • Understanding how to design and simplify complicated garments.

Week 8 - Shoes

  • Construction of Shoes

Week 9 - Details and accessories

  • Construction, simplification, and design of clothing accessories.

Week 10 - Lighting and Composition

  •  Design strategies for rendering clothing.