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Analytical Figure Drawing online COURSE

Instructor: Kirk Shinmoto

COST: $740

Course length: 12 Weeks

-Tuesdays 7:30pm - 10:30pm PST. August 27th - November 12th


**For cancellations, the deadline for a full refund is one day before class starts. After that only a partial, %50 refund will be given once the class has already started. This refund will only be granted up until week 6 of the class.**

About the Class: This is an intensive course designed to solidify your understanding of the gesture, form, and anatomy of the human figure.  Beyond just memorizing anatomical diagrams, we will focus on the structure and function of the anatomy to better understand how it can be used as a design element.  Each week we will go over different drawing concepts or parts of the body and focus on understanding how to organize and design the various complexities of the human form.

Course level: Recommended for intermediate students.  Some drawing experience is recommended but not required.

Class Format: This course will be taught live via skype and will run for 12 weeks, 3 hours each session.  We will start each session with a homework critique before moving on to the lecture and demos for the weeks topic. All lectures and critiques will be recorded and made available for students to download and review. Class will be limited to 10 students.

Homework:  There will be homework assigned every week based on the lecture material.

Materials:  This course will primarily be taught with traditional medium but some demos or critiques will be done digitally.  For students traditional medium is encouraged but not required. A supply list for materials along with recommended books will be emailed.

Weekly breakdown

Week 1 - Gesture breakdown w/ basic forms

Understanding how to identify the overall gesture of the figure in both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional  space.

Week 2 - Structure & proportions - Ribs & Pelvis

The underlying skeletal structure of the figure and how to identify it using landmarks.

Week 3 - Anatomy - Basic Head, neck, shoulders breakdown

A basic lay-in for heads and how it connects to the shoulders.  

Week 4 - Anatomy- Upper torso & Shoulders

The mechanics and forms of the upper torso and shoulders.

Week 5 - Anatomy- Lower Torso and Hips

The mechanics and forms of the lower torso and hips

Week 6 - Rendering, light and shadow, basic forms

The basics of light and shadow and some basic rendering techniques.  How to communicate the volume of forms.

Week 7 - Anatomy - Upper Leg & Knees

The mechanics and forms of the upper legs and knees.

Week 8 - Anatomy - Lower Leg and Feet

The mechanics and forms of the lower leg and feet.

Week 9 - Anatomy - Upper Arms

The mechanics and forms of the upper arms and its relationship to the shoulders

Week 10 - Anatomy - Lower Arms

The mechanics and forms of the lower arms.

Week 11 - Anatomy - Hands

Basic breakdown of the hands and strategies for drawing and simplification.

Week 12 - Head Drawing

An overview of the larger structures of the head.  Emphasis on drawing from different angles.